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Hi, I'm Esmae and I'm an artist!

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Esmae is a published illustrator based in the UK.​ Her work is distinguishable for its vibrant and playful colours.As an illustrator, Esmae focuses on children's books, storytelling and character driven illustrations. 

Esmae illustrates her memories and the experiences she's captured from traveling to different countries, mainly as a solo black female in countries where she is the minority but she manages to connect with others from all over the world. 

She has illustrated published books and even worked with musicians and made 2D animated music videos. Esmae also has an Etsy shop selling illustrated merchandise and stationery.

Esmae is available for freelance work and currently taking manuscripts. Use the contact form below if you'd like to work with her. 

You can find more of Esmae's work here:



Fine Art/ Painting Instagram- @esmaepaints


Facebook Page-

Etsy- EsmaesArtShop

Published work:
"Life on Venus". Dominique Writes, illustrated by (
"Esmae's Sketches: Volume 1 (2020-2022)". Written and illustrated by (
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